About Millie’s Mailbox


Hi, I’m Millie.

Millie’s Mailbox was created when I could not find a simple and fun letter service for my own two children.

I began sending my own children letters, gifts and activities and saw how excited they became when they received their very own mail in the letter box. I then branched out to send personalised mail to the children of my friends.  Then I decided I would love to share the fun and learning with even more kids, and so Millie’s Mailbox was born.

When I was younger I loved having a pen-pal, however we only wrote to each other maybe twice a year.  A Millie’s Mailbox subscription will provide a child with their very own personalised mail every month regardless of whether they write back or not.

In this day and age, with so much technology, it is a lovely unique experience to receive a letter via good old fashioned snail mail.  Even as adults we love getting our online orders in the mail!  I am aiming to provide fun and learning in all the letters that I mail out to the children.

After experimenting with creativity and fun on my own children I now feel confident to share this with other children too.

I am also aiming to start a writing revolution with the adults too.  I have created some writing paper designs to add a bit of character to any notes or letters you may want to write.

Primarily I am a Mum, chocoholic, school board member, lover of cats and a qualified Accountant by ‘trade’ (don’t hold it against me) and this is now my new fun business journey.  Bringing a little happiness into the lives of everyone via a writing revolution.

I hope you will join in with me.

— Millie

Did You Know…?

Mail from Millie’s Mailbox is not just a bit of fun, it can provide the following benefits to your kids too: – Practice reading skills – Practice writing skills – Creates a wonderful surprise – Your child will learn new things – Develops communication (when they tell everyone about their mail) – gets kids off technology 

Currently I have one mail package available.  It includes a letter, an activity and a gift each month.  Mail is suitable for ages 4 – 10 years.

I am planning some different packages to be offered in the future.  Please feel free to contact me to make a request, a suggestion or a comment.


‘Billie’ is my friend and sends me letters

Miss P (age 3)

Thanks Millie! Miss E loved her mail. She was so excited to receive a letter, and to make the 3D Easter Egg. Great work!

Ange D

Four very happy individuals here 😁 the glow in the dark shapes were a hit!

Andrea B

Thanks Millie! My daughter loves receiving her monthly letter and activity from you. She gets so excited when there is mail in the box for her! Keep up the great work 🙂

Ky Hanson