About Millie


Hi, I’m Millie,
Millie’s Mailbox was created when I could not find a simple and fun letter service for my own two children.  As a mum of two, I often got asked the question “Why don’t I get any mail?”  There was never any letters for the little ones.
So, I began sending my own children letters, gifts and activities and saw how excited they became when they received their very own mail in the letter box. I then branched out to send personalised mail to the children of my friends.  Then I decided I would love to share the fun and learning with even more kids, and so Millie’s Mailbox was born.
When I was younger I loved having a pen-pal, however, we only wrote to each other maybe twice a year.  A Millie’s Mailbox subscription will provide a child with their very own personalised mail every month regardless of whether they write back or not.
In this day and age, with so much technology, it is a lovely unique experience to receive a letter via good old fashioned snail mail.  Even as adults we love getting our online orders in the mail!  I am aiming to provide fun and learning in all the letters that I mail out to the children.
After experimenting with creativity and fun on my own children I then became confident to share this with other children too.   So, initially Millie’s Mailbox started out as a pen pal style service that mails letters addressed to your child each month with some fun gifts and personalised activities. I love bringing joy to the kids.
I have now branched out to the big kids too with the aim to start a writing revolution with the adults.  I have created writing paper designs to add a bit of character to any notes or letters you may want to write.  I have also put together letter writing sets which contain all that you need to be able to write a letter (except for the pen, you need to supply that yourself – for now- that could change)
Primarily I am a Mum, chocoholic, school board member, lover of cats and a qualified Accountant by ‘trade’ (don’t hold it against me) and this is now my new fun business journey.  Bringing a little happiness into the lives of everyone via a writing revolution.
I hope you will join in with me.
Stay in touch.

            Millie  xxoo