What To Write In A Letter
What To Write In A Letter


What To Write In A Letter

It can sometimes be tricky to know what to write to someone that you don’t know.  Luckily they do not know anything about you either so this opens up a whole range of things you can put in your letters.  If you already know the person you are writing to, check out the other random stuff items below.


o   Hair style/colour

o   Height

o   Eye colour

o   Favourite colour

o   Favourite food

o   Favourite drink

o   Favourite season

o   Favourite number

o   Favourite holiday

o   Favourite superhero

o   Favourite Disney movie

o   Type of letters/mail you like to receive

o   Your preferences: hot vs. cold, cats vs. dogs, etc.

o   Whether you believe in ghosts, aliens, and/or magic

o   Your main mode of transport

o   When your birthday is

o   The last movie you saw in theatres (and how it was)

o   How you would describe your fashion style

o   Your life story in six words

o   What shoes you wear the most

o   Any fears you have

o   Why you like mail and how you got into it

o   The silliest thing you did in the past week

o   What you would wish for right now

o   Something funny or cute your pet did

o   Tell them about your weekend

o   Share a favourite recipe

o   Do you have any trips coming up soon?

o   Your dream destinations to visit


·        LISTS

o   States and countries you’ve been to

o   People you’d invite to a celebrity dinner

o   Your family members, and something they each like and dislike

o   Your pets

o   What you’d put in a time capsule

o   Things you’re really good at

o   Everything you’ve eaten in the past twenty-four hours

o   Things that you do every day

o   Your favourite TV shows, movies, bands, or books

o   Things that make you happy

o   What you’re currently seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and feeling

o   What you collect

o   A list of goals you have 

o   Awards you’ve won

o   Nicknames you’ve had (and how you got them)

o   Sports you’ve played and/or hobbies you’ve had



o   A good movie that you’ve watched lately

o   Your opinion on a world matter at the moment

o   Share what your average day looks like. This might seem boring to you, but it can be interesting to others

o   What creative project are you working on right now 

o   Is your pen pal from overseas? If so, tell them about your own country.

o   Do you have any family traditions that you can share with your pen pal? Random, Christmas or Easter traditions.

o   Write about how you relax and unwind 

o   Talk about your favourite television shows or what type of music you’re loving at the moment.

o   Do you have a backyard?  What is in it. 

o   Your favourite food.

o   Your fears and/or things that you’re scared of.

o   What book are you reading at the moment, what are your favourite books 

o   If you’re a magazine reader, which ones do you buy. Perhaps pop a magazine in the post for them to enjoy.

o   Something that’s inspiring you at the moment.

o   Your favourite month or season and why.

o   Are you a night owl Or an early morning person?

o   What’s in your neighbourhood?  describe your area 

o   What are you addicted to?

o   If your house was on fire, which three items would you save?

o   What was your favourite toy as a child?

o   What is your favourite animal?

o   What is your favourite TV programme?

o   Where would you most like to travel to, and why?

o   Do you have any bad habits?

o   Do you like or dislike surprises?

o   What has been your most memorable birthday so far, and why?

o   What’s your least favourite household chore or task?

o   Favourite meal?

o   What is your favourite drink?

o   Favourite snack?

o   What would be your ideal way to spend a weekend?

o   What has been your favourite holiday?

o   What’s your favourite city in your country?

o   Are you more introvert or extrovert?

o   Who is your closest friend, and what do you love about them?

o   What’s your favourite colour?

o   Do you have a favourite quote?

o   You’ve been granted three wishes – what would you wish for?

o   Do you prefer humans or animals?

o   What mobile phone do you have?

o   What’s your favourite mode of transport?

o   Do you have a garden?

o   What’s your favourite flower?

o   What’s your favourite scent?

o   What is your favourite sport?

o   Do you prefer to keep your nails long or short?

o   What shoe size are you?

o   What is your favourite thing about your home town?

o   Do you like rides and rollercoasters?

o   Would you ever do a skydive?

o   What makes you feel happy?

o   What was the last book you read?

o   Who is your favourite author?

o   What are your hobbies?

o   Do you enjoy dancing?

o   Is there a food that you hate?

o   What is your usual morning routine?

o   Do you prefer tea or coffee?

o   Do you have any allergies or intolerances?

o   What was the last movie you watched?

o   Do you play any sports?

o   What are you most grateful for in life?

o   Do you get along with your neighbours?

o   What’s your favourite room in your house?

o   What personality traits irritate you?

o   Have you ever had a nickname?

o   What is your favourite thing about yourself?

o   What is your least favourite thing about yourself?

o   Do you like your name?

o   How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

o   What music do you like?

o   What is your favourite song?

o   Do you like to cook?

o   What is one fact about you that not many people know?