It’s More Than Just A Bit Of Fun, It’s Educational Too

Millie’s Mailbox, on the face of it all, looks like it is all about fun for kids aged 4 to 10 years – which it is, but really there is also a lot of additional underlying benefits behind it all too. Backed up by research and studies – not mine just worldwide in general 😊
Below I have listed a few of the benefits, how I provide this benefit and talk about why the heck you should care anyway.

How I deliver: Each delivery to the letter box provides a child with their very own written letter and worksheets for them to READ and make sense of (aka COMPREHENSION)
Why I deliver:
• children practice their reading and comprehension. If a child can learn to read and comprehend, they will become self-sufficient. They will be able to do ANYTHING. They can learn about physics and invent the next best thing. They can learn how to do a new recipe, or they can learn how to fill out those annoying forms that seem to inundate our lives these days 😊 and sooo much more.
• Reading will help exercise and expand their brain (move it or lose it)
• increases vocabulary (better able to express themselves)
• improves spelling (if they have seen it, they will remember it)
• and I could go on (am I right teachers!?)

How I deliver: Most of the mail I send to the kids involves putting ‘pen’ to paper. Whether it be writing words, writing numbers or just colouring in.
Why I deliver:
• Encourages kids to practice their writing. Hand writing makes learning and remembering so much more powerful. Studies show that hand writing increases brain activity dramatically because it involves way more senses and motor neurons than when typing on a keyboard.
• Handwriting and colouring in leads to an increase in fine motor skills (your child could be the next world famous brain surgeon)
• Improves hand-eye coordination (next tennis star)
• Activates brain activity (move it or lose it, again 😊)
• Writing things down reinforces your learning and helps you to remember what you have written (this works for parents too – if you really need to grasp new material, consider dusting off your trusty pen and paper so that when you try to recall the information later, your brain will thank you for making its job easier)

How I deliver: Every envelope has so much learning associated with it. Overall learning about our snail mail system, learning how to read and learning how to write. Also learning about whatever topic the letter of the month may be – bugs, recipes, the world, sun protection, food and I could go on (and on 😊) Studies show that learning by doing is proven to have more impact.
Why I deliver:
• The more new experiences and information a child can get at an early age the better foundation they have to do other things.
• Encourages children to think about doing something new they can refer back to what they already know and what they have already experienced to give them confidence at having a go and maybe even a better chance of succeeding!? This is not just me telling you this, there is plenty of scientific studies in this area to back me up.
• Provides children with more information and experiences that may encourage child to read and learn more about a topic

How I deliver: Most of my mail will contain some form of confidence booster in there. Sometimes small sometimes huge! Whether it be an activity to achieve (yay nailed it) or a good old-fashioned colour in of how amazing your child is (I am awesome)
Why I deliver:
• Self confidence in children will lead to them trying new experiences, attempting things that they consider difficult. Imagine the opportunities that they may take on to become happy and healthy adults. And besides, have you ever seen a child tell you something proudly? What they did or what they know, it is a wonderful sight. That is enough 😊
• Discussing new and different concepts also develops understanding for children

How I deliver: Kids get their own snail mail! (how fun) An activity! (so much fun) And a small gift! (jackpot) Every. Single. Month You can’t get more fun than that.
Why I deliver:
• By making the learning fun, kids are more likely to be engaged in it. Therefore they are more willing to initiate their own reading, comprehension, writing, learning and confidence.
• The fun bit makes it feel like it’s not work 😊 Besides, who doesn’t love a bit of fun, a bit of escapism from the rat race routine? A letter in the letter box is a nice surprise and just the best bit of fun (for adults as well as children) SShhhh don’t mention it is educational, just tell them it is fun 😊