I am well and truly over the constant crap that my children hoard within my home, littering up not only their bedrooms but the entire house.  To make matters worse, every single item is their “favourite” and they refuse to throw anything away.  I am now taking action, fighting back and implementing new family traditions.

As a parent I am now constantly considering options for ideal clutter free gifts.  Single use gifts and experiences can come in all shapes and sizes for both the outdoors and indoors.  Low cost of course is also a priority (but sometimes not always achievable).

So, over the years here is what I have come with:


Experiences and Activities

Experiences and Activities are fun, easy and are a great idea.  They create lovely memories without cluttering up the kid’s bedrooms (unless you buy a souvenir– maybe keep it small – wink).


Providing an experience or an activity can be just as educational for a child as a “cluttering” gift.



It is so easy these days to purchase a gift voucher, a membership or for locations such as the beach do up your own voucher such as an IOU promise.  Don’t the experts keep banging on about the fact that all our kids really want is their parents?  Some fun ideas could include:

  • Zoo (this is an annual event for our family)
  • Museum (Dinosaur bones)
  • Theme Park (QLD here we come someday)
  • Play Centre (hours of fun)
  • Water Park
  • Aquarium
  • Movies (Everyone’s favourite)
  • Tours
  • Beach (Bit of a treat)
  • Play Ground
  • Theatre
  • Sports Game (for those into sport)
  • Horse Riding (ouch)
  • Boat Ride (We did a cruise)
  • Joy Flights (White knuckles, but I did it)
  • Restaurant (depends on the kids)
  • Go Karting (awesome fun)
  • Mini Golf (Always a bit of fun)
  • Skating (I got a bit wobbly)
  • Ten Pin Bowling (We enjoyed this!)
  • Laser Tag (Adrenaline rush)
  • Train Ride (Diesel or Steam)
  • Simulator ride (close your eyes if you get scared)
  • Fun classes – Photography, how to draw/paint, dancing, music lessons, pottery

To add an extra layer to the experience you could add a behind the scenes experience, a season pass, join the ‘friends of’ group, meet and greet, or adopt an animal.

Physical Gifts

Sometimes it is nice to give a physical gift.  Why not consider giving a physical gift that is a single use item or does not require to be stored.  Here are a few ideas on physical gifts that give your child an experience without having to store any more clutter in your house.

  • Bath bombs (some have a surprise toy)
  • Bath bomb kit (make your own)
  • Bath toys – that can stay in the bathroom – bath basketball anyone?
  • Seeds or a plant to grow outside in the garden
  • Solar fairy lights – these can go either outside or hang them up in the child’s bedroom (off the floor!)
  • A new picture or print to hang on bedroom wall (off the floor)
  • Necessities that they need anyway – clothes, toothbrush
  • Glow sticks (lots of fun and then they are done)
  • itunes gift voucher – download apps rather than collect toys
  • Card making kit – kids can make cards and give them to someone
  • Lollies – not the healthiest option but it won’t clutter the house!
  • Water balloons – once again, lots of fun and then they are done
  • Sidewalk chalk – can be stored outside
  • Decals for the bedroom walls (Off the floor)
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Stickers – for school belongings, use up stickers immediately 😊
  • Novelty key chain to hang off their bag
  • DIY fridge magnets
  • Sparklers (So much fun and then you’re done)


Look, there are so many things you can subscribe to these days, but honestly, I am only going to mention Millie’s Mailbox.  My subscription based fun mail for kids is a letter and an activity that can be thrown in the recycling at the end of it all.  Any gifts included will be small or recyclable.  Kids get to have fun every month without cluttering up the house.  It is a win win for everyone 😊


What clutter free ideas have you come up with for your children?